Southall Project

Trident Way 2: Southall Project. Departure Gallery. London. UK. With Investigation Three. December 2009.

Our point of entry into Southall was it’s political history and a revisiting of the riots in which Blair Peach was killed. It also meant looking beyond that and to a community that started organising itself in the face of fascist onslaught. The sites were those of the past, where Blair Peach was killed, and some had reshaped into something else like the Dominion Centre. Then there was the Southall Black Sisters formed the year after the riots who still continue to offer women from the community a space especially in the light of tighter immigration control and the suicides at Southall station itself.

Since we all work with different mediums (sound, moving image, photography and text) and are somewhat incapacitated by our understanding of ethical, aesthetic dilemmas that these mediums present, we decided to swap at each site. This was quite exciting as it freed us up to use the mediums in a way just to record. At each site one member read out something about the site, while the other photographed, one filmed and one recorded sound.

All that we recorded then came together to form one audio-visual live piece that would be performed at the gallery opening. This performance included the integration of the sound of the gallery into the piece itself. All the research we had done was collected and made into an archive. An archive that was marked with our understanding of what we read, what we talked about and what we felt for.