Let Your Footsteps Join Ours: Pamphlet Written by Devanoora Mahadeva

A New Path For Politics

Sarvodaya Karnataka Party Merges With Swaraj India

Place: Freedom Park, Bengaluru           25th March 2017              Time: 11 am.


After having completed a decade of existence, Sarvodaya Karnataka Party found itself eager and waiting for the moment to extend itself. That time has come now. A unique political party has just come to life, amidst the charade of India’s destructive politics, with the idea of building the nation. That party is Swaraj India. Now, Sarvodaya Karnataka Party merges with Swaraj India.

The decision to merge was not arrived at suddenly. Aam Aadmi Party had appeared as the party that would provide direction to India’s political scene. It soon disintegrated, becoming directionless. Sarvodaya Karnataka Party’s hopes of acknowledging Aam Aadmi as a like-minded party, and working together with it, remained unfulfilled.

In such troubling circumstances and with the aim and responsibility of building constructive politics, Yogendra Yadav, Prashant Bhushan, Prof. Anand Kumar and many like-minded people came together to form Swaraj Abhiyan, as you all know. Swaraj Abhiyan simultaneously gave rise to various different movements in diverse fields, such as Jai Kisan Andolan, Y4S (Youth for Swaraj), ACT (Anti-Corruption Team), Shiksha Swaraj, Aman Committees (Communal harmony), giving birth to movements as it birthed itself. People’s movements, constructive, systemic work and politics came together here, reflecting our own desires and hopes.

Hence, ever since Swaraj Abhiyan came into being, Sarvodaya Karnataka Party has been participating in its movements as if it were one’s own. It feels like Swaraj Abhiyan’s vision has given wings and flight to the hopes and desires of Sarvodaya Karnataka Party.

Swaraj Abhiyan, in an attempt to give voice to the heartbeats of Mother India struggling with its destructive politics, has recently given birth to a political party – Swaraj India. Sarvodaya Karnataka who too wants to follow through with the responsibility of building this nation, just like Swaraj India, sees no reason to stay separate any longer and with this in mind merges with it. The country’s progressive people as well as Dalit, Farmer and Women’s grassroots organisations will be joining us. Do also join us. Let’s together build the Nation.

A New Path For Politics. Let Your Footsteps Join Ours.

Sarvodaya Karnataka Party

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