Architectural Photography. Mysore School of Architecture. Mysore. India


Visual Communication. Mysore School of Architecture. Mysore. India


Photography and the Street. Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology. Bangalore. India.

Challenged preconceived notions around street photography using critical theory on cities such as the work of David Harvey, Jane Jacobs, Solomon Benjamin. Facilitated informed practice through addressing gender, disability, caste and access to the city. Students produced work such as street dogs and occupation of streets; alternative landmarks as directions in India; street signs and language; the street as seen through gated/elite spaces etc. They exhibited their work at the end of the workshop at Srishti.


Gender Performativities in Photographic Practice. Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology. Bangalore. India.

Designed workshop on gender using Judith Butler’s work on performativity. Addressed issues around body, violence, performance, access through photography. Analysed popular culture and norms through the lens of gender, class, caste, race and sexuality.

Started and maintained an online archive of references and student work on http://genderphotoblore.tumblr.com/

Appropriation Art and the Image Workshop and Exhibition. Design Polygon. Pearl Academy. Jaipur. India.

Designed and facilitated workshop on using found images as a way of critique. Challenged preconceived notions around class, caste and gender through making students work on projects/issues they had trouble with. Students produced work such as photography for the sight impaired; dirt; gender and access to public spaces.

2013                     Analogue Film Practicals. SCM Sophia. Mumbai. India.

2012                     Analogue Film Practicals. SCM Sophia. Mumbai. India.


Rights Cameras Action. Training young people on Child rights. Participatory Photography project. PhotoVoice. UK.

Facilitated photography workshops with young people addressing, exploring, expanding on the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC). Worked with Carmarthenshire Family & Community Team, Llanelli and Aiming High for Disabled Children, Bournemouth. https://photovoice.org/rights-cameras-action/


Depicting Injustice. Participatory Photography project Panos/Save the Children UK. Delhi. India.

This was commissioned to formulate ethical guidelines around photographic practice especially with regard to images used for fundraising. Conducted interviews with people who were subjects of fundraising images. Facilitated focus groups with women, young people living on the street, men from the community addressing issues around consent and representation.

Trained women in photography to represent themselves using the critique they made of the fundraising images. Transcribed video documentation.

Images of Foul Play. Campaign to end Manual Scavenging. Participatory Photography project Photovoice/Safai Karamchari Andolan/Dalit Solidarity Network-UK. UK. Delhi, India.

Trained community leaders in the use of photography for advocacy. Participants produced images to be used in the Campaign – through postcards, pamphlets, exhibitions to end manual scavenging by 2010.


Moving Lives. Working with young refugees from Afghanistan and Eritrea. Participatory Photography project PhotoVoice/British Refugee Council Smile Project. London UK.

2003                    Theatre Facilitator. NIE – Times. Bangalore. India

1998-2004       Freelance Theatre Facilitator and Practitioner.
Bangalore. India.