Come, See Where I Am From. City As Studio 2. Sarai-CSDS.

Photographs. Sound. Moving Image.

Come, See Where I Am From (2012) is an exploration of how gender is constructed on the streets in India through encounters with violence and the threat of violence. I also explore what it means to bring my own identity as a gendered body into the space of art making. Images of street lights, an indicator in feminist safety audits for urban planning become the focus of the gaze. The sound work listened to while looking contain sound from public spaces that I inhabit, travel through in daily life. It runs parallel with my voice that attempts to inhabit the liberating space of the artist’s body. It starts to falter, rupture, breakdown. It’s best listened to on head phones.

These mediums come together to become a performance that will be enacted in non-gallery spaces in an attempt to participate in discourses around gender, art and urban planning. This is a work in progress and will incorporate feedback to the performances as it happens.

This has been made possible by the Sarai-CSDS Associate Fellowship in Contemporary Art and Cultural Practice. 2011-2012