Hennolanota: One Year of Kannada Feminism in Print

Logo with a sketch of a woman and text which says Hennolanota for the feminist column edited by Rupa Hassan for Andolana
Hennolanota a feminist column edited by Rupa Hassan for Andolana Mysore

The column ‘Hennolanota’, with Rupa Hassan as editor, ran for a year from March 8th 2018 to March 8th 2019 in Andolana, a local Kannada daily in Mysore. Every Tuesday we were witness to a Kannada woman writer exploring issues of gender at various intersections. This column will continue but Rupa Hassan will no longer work at editing it.

A few months ago I wrote for this column on feminist solidarity. It was incredible working with Rupa as editor. For the first time I had an editor invested in the work as much as me, guiding me in the writing process. In many ways this column has been feminist solidarity at work with so many women from so many different parts of the state of Karnataka writing about so many different things within the larger framework of negotiating patriarchal structures in everyday living.

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Performance and Discussion on the Mental Healthcare Act, 2017 at ALF. 18.01.19

The Alternative Law Forum invites you for
A Performance
I’m Not Sure How To Tell You from The Archive of K.Kalpana
Rashmi Munikempanna


A discussion on the salient features of the Mental Health Care Act, 2017
Shruti Ravi
Date: 18th January 2019
Time: 6.30 pm
Venue: Alternative Law Forum , 122/4, Infantry Road, Shivajinagar, Bengaluru 560001 | 08022868757 | 08022865757 | 9880595032

About the performance: I’m Not Sure How To Tell You is a performance of excerpts (spoken word/photography) from The Archive of K.Kalpana an ongoing archival project by Rashmi Munikempanna. The archive includes photography, poetry, sound, video and digital art that documents a year in the life of K.Kalpana as she explores what it means to be diagnosed with a mental illness.The archive is constructed as a way of politicising illness by addressing structural causes while dismantling the disciplining by the psychiatric hospital of the gendered queer body marked by class and caste. It is constructed as being in conversation with the Mental Healthcare Act 2017. The archive can be accessed here: https://kkalpana.home.blog/

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